Robo Investing Charleston, SC

Are you looking for a hands-off way to start building an investment portfolio? Robo investing is a powerful service that’s great for new investors and experienced investors alike. At Good Life Financial Advisors, we are proud to offer our clients access to Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP), an exciting digital advice platform. GWP can be used in combination with support from our team, which isn’t typically offered with other platforms. In this way, you can benefit from a combination of technology and personalized financial service.

Learn more about the benefits of robo investing and the features of GWP below—and sign up today to get started.

What Is A Robo Investor?

Robo investors are one of the most exciting financial tools to come out in recent years. Also known as robo advisors, these platforms are essentially automated investing tools that curate and manage your portfolio based on your personal settings and goals. Simply provide the funds for the account, enter your settings, and the platform will take care of the rest. You can start investing in a matter of minutes, often with low fees and low minimums.

Benefits Of Robo Investing

  • Automated Investing. Input your goals, and the platform will automatically create a portfolio to help you achieve them.
  • Easy Portfolio Management. Leveraging carefully defined algorithms, the platform makes it easy to track and monitor your portfolio while maintaining a risk level based on your preferences.
  • Low Fees. Because the system is automated, robo investing can be more affordable than traditional human advising.
  • Low Minimum Investments. You can start building your portfolio with a low minimum investment, making this a great option for new investors or others with lower budgets.
  • Tax Optimizations. Most platforms build portfolios with low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These types of funds have a number of tax benefits, and there can be other tax advantages of these systems as well. For more details, contact our knowledgeable advisors today.
  • 24/7 Availability. You can gain access to your portfolio and make changes any time you’d like, wherever you have internet access.

How Does It Work?

Automated investing platforms use an algorithm to build your portfolio. The most common method used is Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). This is a financial framework that is used to assemble a portfolio in an effort to optimize expected return for a given level of risk. Once you enter your goals and risk preferences, your robo investing platform will assemble your portfolio, track and manage your assets, rebalance your portfolio periodically, and handle all day-to-day management tasks.

Is Robo Investing Right For You?

Depending on your financial goals, situation, and budget, a robo advisor could be right for you. Here are some things to consider:

  • Account Type. You can manage your individual retirement accounts and/or taxable accounts.
  • Minimum Investment. If you don’t have a large budget to invest, this can be a great tool to get started. Many robo advisors offer low fees, and you can get started with GWP with a $5,000 minimum investment.
  • Portfolio Considerations. If you’re unsure what to invest in, these systems can take the guesswork out of the equation. Simply enter your goals, and the system will provide you with portfolio options to choose from. Of course, our knowledgeable human advisors are available to assist with any questions you may have.
  • Retirement Proximity. No matter how close you are to your intended retirement age, the platform can make recommendations for you. Whether you hope to retire in six years or 30, the platform will make appropriate recommendations. You can even add other goals into the equation, like purchasing a home.
  • New Investors. With low minimums, low fees compared to traditional human advisors, and automated portfolio construction and management, robo investors can be a great way for new investors to get started with their portfolios.

For more details, contact our knowledgeable advisors today.

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